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Bruce McNair’s collection

Excerpt about Buck McNair taken from the Website

 Pilot Officer Robert Wendell ‘Buck’ McNair (DFC) – No. 249 Squadron
“The Germans are great fighters but the Italians are not so hot, the old Hun used to come down and brush the treetops.The Italians are good fliers but they are not good fighters,but the Huns are absolute wizard fighters. They sure are good.The Huns will shoot a man after he bails out of his plane but the Italians never do that.The Army co-operated with us 100 per cent. They had their trucks loaded with stones and gravel right on the airdromes and as soon as a raid was over they were right out to fill in the holes.I was just about to land (April 22, 1942) when I saw the Ju.88 buzzing off homewards. I didn’t have any too much fuel, but anyhow I took after the Hun and chased him all the way to Sicily before I managed to overhaul him and shoot him down. When I got home I had barely a quiver left in my petrol gauge, but I had had a lot of satisfaction.” Distinguished Flying Cross Citation: “This officer is a skilful and courageous pilot. he invariably presses home his attacks with the greatest determination irrespective of odds. He has destroyed at least five and damaged seven enemy aircraft. Four of these he damaged in one combat.” (London Gazette/CP – Photo: DND)