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Bruce McNair is Buck McNair’s son. He wrote this comment on my blog about RCAF 403 Squadron.

It has been said before but it is right to comment here that HMS Eagle brought a group of dedicated pilots to Malta that, with the unflagging support of maintenance crews, ground support and the Maltese civilians putting their shoulders to the grindstone, won the war in the Med.  They knew the odds when they embarked on the Eagle.  Dad was very fond of Malta and continued to buy Maltese Sweepstakes tickets from the same guy he met during the seige, for decades after the war.  He paid a final visit to his old haunts the year before he died and was quite content he done so.

After, he sent me these scanned images of his father’s logbook with this message.

Hi Pierre,
Dad’s log for April ends 25 April.  He flew a Hudson to Gib.  I have a
dim recollection ( not sure at all) that flight entailed him
identifying the remains of one of his fellow pilots.  Maybe the body
had been picked up by Gib S&R- I do not know.  I can try to ferret
that out if you wish.

The Hudson flight was 1 May.  His previous flight was 25 April.  I
attach the April log pages, left and right.  The monthly summary does
not include a Sunderland flight.

However, as you seem interested in a Sunderland flight, on 1 March Dad
flew from Plymouth to Gib in Sunderland BK-B and then onward 3 March
to Malta.  I attach the March log pages, left and right.  On this page
is noted the death of two of his friends and colleagues, Murray and
Leggo.  As these notations can be distressing to survivors, I have
tried to chase up whether any exist and cannot find any.  In the hopes
that I am correct and, in that belief, I forward these latter to you.

The last 2 pages are the full spread of the summary page for March,
typed up and countersigned 2 April and hence the marginal annotation
upper left.  This summary includes Sunderland air time.

I trust this is not being presented in a confusing manner.  All the
pages are in pairs, left first then right page.  Ignore the final and
7th page as you already have it and I cannot shake it loose from this
email, no matter what I do.

There it is.  I hope it is useful and interesting.  RIP Murray and Leggo.


You have been sent 7 pictures.

This is when I thought how I would fit these 7 pictures I have edited on my 403 Squadron blog. I know they would be lost in the more than 300 articles found on RCAF 403 Squadron.

Then I had this idea.

You will have to click on each image to zoom in and go back in time.

Log March 1942March 1942

Summary for March 1942Summary for March 1942

Log April 1942April 1942

This is how this new blog came into being.