Fantastic rendition of Buck McNair’s Spitfire



Yes, another one and why not? I love Spitfire’s and I am obsessed with them! I am particularly interested in Battle of Britain and Malta Spitfire’s hence why I build so many of them. Upon seeing the camouflage scheme of AB264, a Mk.Vb Tropical Spitfire that saw action with 249 Squadron RAF I was fascinated and wanted to discover more.

Now there is a lot of speculation as to certain schemes and colours on Malta based Spitfire’s and I can find 4 different paint schemes for this one airframe. From what I can gather what I have here is my best guess based on the evidence of my research.

A little bit of History: 

AB264 is noted for being a survivor of  Operation Spotter which took place 76 years ago. The first Spitfires to be based outside of the UK were flown to the island of Malta in March…

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